THE REAL is an itinerant radio platform to, for, and about artists of all disciplines from all over the world.

Vol I: Cité International des Arts, Paris, September 2017.
Vol II: Werkraum Warteck pp, Basel, May and June 2019.

Vol. I , Paris 2017

© Initiators; Rotem Gerstel/Simone Etter. Foto: Eden Sarna, 2017

Listen HERE a Mix of THE REAL cité des Arts Radio, Paris in 2017

„I understand the radio as a gesture of encounter. As a method of linking artistic practices. As THE REAL gathering. What is here, what is immediate? It’s REAL. And it’s my artistic practice have to take responsibility in collective contexts.“ (S .Etter, 2017)

The capture of sound is an elusive act by its nature. THE REAL aims to capture the moments that are unanticipated and can easily fade away if we won’t listen closely.
THE REAL becomes a space where the not intentional is at front in the creative arena.
(Rotem Gerstel)