Vol. II THE REAL Warteck pp Radio


19. Mai Live open mic at the open days_ Architektur für alle
27. Mai Live aus dem Warteck
28. Mai Live aus dem Warteck mit Klangklinik

11.- 16.Juni

© Initiators; Rotem Gerstel/Simone Etter. Foto: Eden Sarna, 2017

Listen HERE a Mix of THE REAL cité des Arts Radio, Paris in 2017

THE REAL is an locationless but location-based independent radio station initiated by Rotem Gerstel and Simone Etter. THE REAL happened in different places and institutions.

We understand the radio as a gesture of encounter. On the one hand with the people from the house (institution), on the other hand with the context of the city and time. But also as a link between yesterday and today in the sense of a documentary artist archive.

2017, Paris: THE REAL cité des Arts Radio

2019, Basel Switzerlnd: THE REAL Warteck pp Radio