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The Talking Walking Interview

Listen to artists, specialists and walkers talking about how walking inspires their work and shapes our world.

 Simone Etter and Andrew Stuck  Talking Walking Swiss artist Simone Etter’s ‘Walk Book’ is full of techniques to disorientate you, not necessarily to get you lost, but to muddle your thoughts, even on a familiar route.  Andrew Stuck, producer of Talking Walking, and Simone set out on a walk together towards a campsite beyond La Romieu in south west France, where they have been attending Made of Walking. They know where they are aiming for but don’t know the way to get there, and once they are there, they are not sure as to how to return via a different route. Along the way, Andrew is convinced that Simone is applying her techniques, as he becomes increasingly more disorientated as to the route – his only hope is that you as a listener can follow it too. Talking Walking is part of the Museum of Walking


31. August 2019 Simone Etter presents: no_thing