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„Хотел Марси 

Hotel Marsie“ is a temporary location in the Terazije underpass in the city center of Belgrade where art happenings will take place from January 5 – 27, 2024. 
Thanks @kulturstiftung.thurgau

no. 1., 1th January V.I.P: Preview
no. 2., 5th January The diversity switch -> The artists‘ collective marsie „borrowed…“ paintings by „well-known Serbian artists“ (SBA Group) from one of the Waterfront Towers for a day and rearranged them in the marsie hotel. Guided tour inclusive. At the same time, works by the artists were shown in the rented apartment on the Watrefront.
no. 3, 8th January „Wunderbaum“ wounder tree -> happy Christmas installation
no. 4., „Open“
no. 5., NEXT will be Hotel Moskav r“oom service
…to be continued

visit us..!! 7/24, Terazije underpass next to Hotel Balkan


The artists‘ collective marsie / Simone Etter is currently occupying the one space in the Terazije underpass between Hotel Moskav and Hotel Balkan with the Art Project „Хотел Марси“

The project poses questions about artistic social interactions and, with its actions, connects inside and outside/above and below, hierarchies, accessibility and blurs the polarities of exclusion and condemnation. 

The space is always visible and always constantly changing. 

NEXT Happenings take place:

Monday, 15th „play with me“

Monday, „we can do it“

Saturday 27th „check out“